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Volunteer Programme

Support for Autistic and Handicapped Children

Under the Guidance of Dr. Subrata Sarkar and Disha Disha Rehabilitation Center, we moved autistic children from Sundarban to Kolkata and provided them with medical support. We also arranged for treatment of Handicapped children at Baranagar Orthopedic Hospital (For Physically Challenged).

Blood Donation : On 28th January 2018, we organized a Blood Donation Camp at Hironmoypur in collaboration with Kothari Medical Center and Club in that area.

Wheelchair Distribution : We have distributed  Wheel Chairs  to Autistic and Physically Disabled Adults in Jharkhali.

Drawing Competition : We have organized DRAWING COMPETITION at Hiranmoypur, Jharkhali, Sundarban.

Cultural Support :

we came across a group of Ethnic Tribals who entertains the village folks by singing, dancing and acting in the tunes of Jhumur, Kirtan and Baul. We encouraged them to start a group of about 20 Men and Women of that region and provided them with basic musical instruments like Dhamsa, madol, Ghungur and Dress materials like dhutis and sarees. Our organization arranged workshops for this group where we provided training on various aspects of dancing, singing and stage acting.

For the last Year and Half, they have been performing in various parts of Sundarban with minimum support and help. They have never received any Government support whatsoever and it is BELGHORIA TOUCH, which provides all the help. We bring them into a major spotlight by promoting them in ZEE BANGLA “Dadagiri” Program as a part of their “Shapath” initiative.


Rabindra Jayanti : We have organised “Rabindra Jayanti” on 9th May, 2017 at SOS Village, BK Block, Saltlake. The children of SOS village performed in this auspicious event. We have distributed Copy books, pencils, colours and other things related to their education.

Cloth Distribution, Durga Puja  2017.

Durga Puja is the most auspicious festival in West Bengal and everyone expects new clothes. Some of us are privileged to fulfil our and our children’s expectations but there are a lot of less fortunate children for whom new clothes are like distant dreams. They are living in such interior areas of Sundarban, West Bengal where they are more concerned about what they will eat, let alone thinking about the joy of celebrating the puja wearing new clothes.

After we received support of people from various walks of life and added with our zealous pursuit to work for collective good of the society, this year also, we arranged a Cloth Distribution event during the festival period:

On Thursday 21st of September 2017, we distributed clothes to the children of Sundarban as a part of our annual festival season cloth distribution program. We covered 4 Villages in Jharkhali area (Hiranmoypur, Baganbari, Birinchibari and Nafarganj) providing new clothes to 2500 Children of all age groups.

We measure the impact of an NGO program by measuring some standard parameters. But in this event, the matrix that thumped all the other metrices was the Smile that we saw on the faces of those children. Most things are measurable but a Child’s Smile is intangible and unmeasurable. We scored a lot of Smiley points in this event.

Durga Puja Parikrama 2017 :

While organizing various camps in Sundarban, we came across lots of people who are simple, honest and needs very less from life. Their dreams are also very simple yet very touching. Most of them never visited Kolkata and dreamed of seeing THE CITY OF JOY during the Durga Puja days. We thought to make their wish come true and planned for a day of outing in Kolkata for Durga Puja Parikrama. The elderly wished that their Daughters and Sons must see, feel and enjoy the puja in Kolkata

So, on the auspicious occasion of Panchami (25th September, 2017), we arranged a whole day Puja Parikrama for 70 Children of the age group 7 – 14 years with 10 Adult Volunteers from their Villages. We rented a bus for the whole day program and started by picking them up from Sundarban. En route, we provided them with breakfast and then started pandal hopping once we reached Kolkata. We got tremendous support from the Puja Committees like Rajdanga Puja Committee Bosepukur Talbagan, Ekdalia Evergreen, Samajsebi Sangha, Royd Street Puja, Tridhara Sammilani, Abasar, Golmath, 22 Pally, Chakraberia, Ballygunj Cultural Club, Bokulbagan, Priyananth Mullick Puja Committee, etc.

We arranged lunch in 22 Pally club premises for all and the children enjoyed a Sumptuous meal while enjoying the puja environment. After finishing the puja parikrama, we provided them with evening snacks and take away gifts like Bags, Water Bottles, Tiffin boxes, etc.

It was a happy moment for all of us. We were happy that at least we can make their wish come true. And the Children were happy as this day will remain in their hearts and minds as a day when they enjoyed and smiled a lot.

Winter Camp

The Sundarban is a vast area in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal and the temperature drops to lower levels at night during the winter season. The economic  situation of the common people is below the poverty line. It is tough for them to fight against the hunger on daily basis let alone think about woolen clothes& Blankets.

We have distributed blankets for the old people and woolen cloths for the  children.

Poush Utsab & Distribution: We attended “Poush Utsab” organised by Adibasi community of Hiranmoypur on 15th january,2018. A famous bangla band MAHUL of Kolkata lead by Mr.Partha Bhowmick performed in this festival.

We have distributed blankets to the adibasi  people.

Krishi Mela & Distribution : We distributed Clothes (50 in Number to Children of age group 0 – 10 Years), Mosquito Nets (50 in Number to the Elderly) and Blankets (50 in Number to the elderly) in the Krishi Mela 2018 organized by Balaka Club at Jharkhali.