Regd. No -S/2L/30631

Medical Treatment Programmes

Gourpada Mandal  was a guy for whom we can say “Lived his life, fallen by Death and Remembered by All.” He worked with us relentlessly for the welfare of the common people of Jharkhali Area. But while doing voluntary works, he fought a battle of his own. He was mis-diagnosed as piles and was operated by a Quack without him letting anybody know about this. Inevitably, that operation was not successful as the biopsy report confirmed that he was suffering from Stage 3 Rectum Cancer. He was transferred to Vellore Medical Hospital for treatment but the cost of treatment was too high for him to continue. That is when, he decided to contact us for Support. We moved him back to Kolkata and admit him to P.G. Hospital. We took care of all his expenses for medicine and other related costs and try to make his life as much painless as possible. At last, the doctors advised that there was negligible chances of his survival after the Chemotherapy and it is better to shift him back to his village so that he can live his last few days in peace. He died on 29th August 2017 and we all hope that his soul rests in peace. We still remember him as a Simple jovial fellow who always put the welfare of others before his own.

This 5 years old child Master Subho Mondal from a backward village of Sunderban in South 24 pgs., West Bengal, India suffering from kidney disease, this child requires consistent medication and other medical support. Being from a financially backward status, his parents cannot afford the treatment cost. We took care of all his expenses for medicine and other related costs. Now he is well and fit.

We arranged the transfer of Nitai Mandal ( 52 Years) to Kolkata from Sundarban for his neurological  treatment. He was a fisherman who net with a sevier spinal cord accident while fishing for the last one year he is bed ridden and partialy paralised. Now with our support he is under treatment of Dr. Sandip Chatterjee ( Leading neuro surgeon at Park Clinic). We wish for his complete recovery.

Master Dhruba Mondal, aged only 9 months, is from a under privileged family of the village Jharkhali, Sunderban, at this tender age he is suffering from Artial Septal Defect- a defect due to hole in the wall of his heart. We gave him medical support and arranged doctor consultancy. Now he requires urgent surgery to live a healthy life.