Regd. No -S/2L/30631

Awareness Programme

Awareness Programme and Distribution Of Materials

We have organized Awareness programmes on different sectors :

  1. Awareness about regular usage of dental products like tooth paste, tooth brush,etc.
  2. Awareness about the regular usage of Hand Wash and 7 steps of proper proper hand washing method

3.Awareness on proper health care of pregnant women.

  1. Awareness on post natal care.
  2. Awareness about vaccination program for children.
  3. Awareness about impact of health drinks on the growth of children.

We have also distributed:

(1) 100 School Uniforms

(2) Copy books, pen, pencil, colour box (3) Sattu & gram

(4) Dettol hand wash and soaps

(5) Tooth Brush & tooth Paste

(6) Horlicks & nutrela