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Save Coastal Bengal programe

That night, which was ending 3rd June 2021, when everybody in this city was in deep sleep, all lights were switched off in almost all houses – but few pair of eyes were awake the whole night!!
They couldn’t sleep because of thrill, excitement, overwhelming joy of starting their jouney for the coastal areas of Bengal – The Sundarbans!!
No, it wasn’t just a trip!! It was a challenge to save lives of unknown people, by risking own lives!!
But no worries can stop them when it comes to help the needies!! This time was of no exception!!
From last 3 years, continuously one after another cyclone is literally destryoing everything in Sundarbans! Still the natives are fighting back! But this year, the super cyclone Yaas hit the area so bad that devastation is unimaginable!! Most of the areas are still underwater even after a week of the storm.
Govt. & Non-Govt. Organizations are working hand in hand to rescue, save lives, but there are few areas untouched till now!!
This time we chose such remote locations!
After getting help from all kind-hearted people around us, we could procure enough essentials to be distributed. We had the following stuffs in stock,-
Rice (CHAAL) 550 kg
Pulses (Dal) 200 kg
Flattened Rice (Chire) 250kg
Puffed Rice (MURI) 300pkt
Grist (CHATU) 400 pkt
Nutrela 500pkt
Biscuits 2000pkt
Jaggery 10kg
Batasa 60 kg
Chickpea (chola) 100kg
Soap 1200 pc
Toothpaste 1200 pc
Brush 1200 pc
Sampoo 1200 pc
detergent powder 1200PC
Bleeching powder 100Kg
Sanitary napkin 400 pkt
water 2400 bottle 1 lt
Sharp at 4.30am on 4th June 2021, our journey commenced! Initially by road, then 1.30hrs on boat ride, then again the team had to walk to reach the destination!! The area surrounded by dense forest, where people literally live with the Tigers, the area which was devasted, destroyed the most, the area where still nobody could reach to distribute essentials – we finally could stand there!!
We were mesmerized with the beauty of the nature but more than that our hearts were filled with immense joy while handing over the food, the required items to those who were waiting from days, to be fed, to be saved 🥺🥺
The smile of those pure souls, their blessings – were everything that we craved for!! We are blessed to support more than 500 people here & Then finally after a super-hectic day, it was the time to return..
After bidding a warm good bye to the souls who only understands the language of love, our journey on the boats began!!
This time our stock was so huge that even after distributing for 500+ people, few items were still left with us. So, we had to take those back with us. This was certainly not in plan & we started brainstorming about what to do with the remaining items!
Suddenly we saw a huge chunk of people are running accross the paddy fields, far away, towards the river, waving their hands to us!! Initially we couldn’t understand the situation!! Then someone from us, who happens to be a resident of Sundarbans, cleared it. Those people were running with a hope in heart to get something to eat!!
Our hearts melted!! To what extent people can become helpless to run like this for food?
Our boats immediately stopped at the nearest possible jetty. All of them assembled there & we could finally handed over every last packet of the essentials we got for them!!
Now finally its time to return. Our boats began to sail through the darkest black!! Suddenly, hundreds of tiny lights began to twinkle from the islands far away!! Like hundreds of fireflies together!! We were spellbound till we understood the real pain behind those! Unless we heard the feeble prayer “আমাদের কিছু খাবার দিয়ে যাও” – please give us some food!!
The natives of those remote islands were literally begging for some food!! They could see the light of our boats & then started waving whatever possible lights they had, to make their presence felt!!
Now, this was the scariest moment we felt today!! We were so happy that we could help more than 700 people today!! But what about the thousands of others, who are still starving??
We came back with an oath to go back as early as possible!! We have to save as much lives we can!! & We can’t do it without your support 🙏🙏
The Belghoria Touch team, who hardly slept in last few nights, will surely have sound sleep tonight!! Although we reached when the night was almost over, but the dawn has brought a fresh ray of happiness for all of us!!
We thank each one of you who donated for thos noble cause 🙏🙏
We promise to continue serving them who truly need help!! Please keep your support & blessings on us like you have always done 🙏🙏
Belghoria Touch – where the Toucherians heal the sick, the underprivileged by their “Touch” of love & care!

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