Regd. No -S/2L/30631

Amphan releif and health camp in 2020

This was a gloomy morning!!
Since dawn it started pouring in so heavily that we got really convinced that the Mother Nature is planning brutally to curb our journey towards the Amphan- affected areas of Sundarbans!
But, as said – when there is a will there is a way!! & Our willpower was so strong that the nature had to support our intentions!
We reached Jharkhali by 12noon & then onwards we couldn’t stop our heartache by witnessing the tremendous pain that the villagers were into!!
Villagers of Parvatipur, Bidhabapara were waiting for us since early morning!
This Super Cyclone Amphan, has literally washed away everything that they could save throughout their lives!!
They were shattered, devastated! Losing their shelters, loved ones, they were almost in verge of getting mad, but what actually surprised us was, their cooperation even in this situation!!
They followed each instruction so carefully! Social distance was maintained, each one of them covered their mouth & nose with a piece of cloth, everybody waited for their turn to come!!!
We could successfully handed over Rice, Dal, Oil, Soyabean, Puffed rice, Biscuit, Chhatu, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Candle, Matchsticks, Bleaching powder, Maggie, Sanitary napkins, Clothes etc to 350+ families!!
Whatever little we could do, we did, but that wasn’t enough!!!
Many of them are terribly sick!! But they can’t see a doctor! We, the entire team of Touch, are extremely grateful to M.D. Dr. Anirban Ash, who did not bother about any threat & willingly went with us to save lives of those innocent villagers! He did check up everyone & provided necessary medicines as required! No wonder, why Doctors are placed just after God!! 🙏🙏

Since we are back, we cant sleep peacefully as their cry is not letting our souls rest!!

We are thankful to each one of you who contributed, without you all nothing would have been possible!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
But we need more & more support!! As this was just the beginning!! The losses are so vast, that it will take multiple such distributions to compensate even 1% of it!!
The teary eyes of the kids while we were coming back, will never let us live peacefully ever after until we go back to them again!!
Stay beside us 🙏🙏 they terribly need all of us to win this disastrous battle!!
Contact us to extend your support 🙏🙏

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